Dear Jack Be Nimble Shopper,

 As we approach the holiday season, we’re feeling grateful, grateful to you, for spending time with us and shopping with us.

We strive to deliver for you – particularly at this time of year, when you’re ordering candles, gifts, and more for your celebrations. Unfortunately, not everything is within our control. Like everyone else in the retail universe, we are currently facing unprecedented shipping and delivery challenges.

As a result, your packages may take a little longer than usual to arrive. But please know that we’re doing everything we can to get your purchases out quickly. Along the way, will be as transparent as possible about any potential – delays as well as informing you about what’s in stock, What’s low on inventory and what’s available on advanced order. 

Thank you for your understanding – and for continuing to shop with us. We wish you happy holidays.


Paul Bruschi and the team at Jack Be Nimble