Jack Be Nimble Candles is an artisan candle company located in Atlanta, GA founded in 2010 by Paul “JACK” Bruschi. 

Paul is a former professional ballet dancer and the Jack Be Nimble name was inspired by a coloring book of “JACK” jumping over a candlestick. For him, it brought together his two passions... ballet and candles! 

What you smell when you first pick up our candle is what you will smell every time you burn it and they last 60+ hours! Our mission is to provide a superior product with signature scents that will significantly change the ambiance of your home.

In 2016, we introduced a second candle line, The Jack Collection, which is a play on the Jack Be Nimble name. These candles have a different look but smell just as wonderful as the Jack Be Nimble line.  Our candles are now available in multiple specialty retail locations across the country.

 Our focus is creating high quality, small batch soy candles. We hand-pour each of our candles in batches of 12 in our studio in Atlanta. All of our candles are made using American grown soy wax, all natural cotton wicks & fine fragrance oils. Modern and sleek design, Southern nostalgia, and family gatherings define and inspire our candle collections.